Gail Kittleson speaking at Friends meeting 2/26



Hosting Local Author
Gail Kittleson

Gail will be talking about…
“More Do”
Women of World War II

Monday, February 26, 2018 at 1pm

Library Activity Room (Behind the Cultural Hall) Pine, Arizona

Community Welcome
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Refreshments Served

Though War Breeds Cruelty and Injustice, Grace Yet Prevails.Southern France – Spring, 1944German panzer units crisscross the region, dealing ruthless reprisals against the French Resistance, and anyone suspected of supporting its efforts. Secret Operations Executive (SOE) agent Kate Isaacs is tasked with providing essential radio communications with the Allies, while her guide, Domingo Ibarra, a Basque shepherd-turned-Resistance fighter, dedicates himself to avenging the destruction of his home and family.Thrown together by the vagaries of war, their shared mission, and common devotion to liberty, the last thing Kate and Domingo anticipate is the stirring of affection that threatens to blossom into love. But how can love survive in the midst of the enemy’s relentless cruelty toward innocent citizens?Everything hinges on the success of the Allied Invasion – L’Invasion.