Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Long Haul

Movie Madness!

1 p.m., Thursday, March 12th
Rated PG, 92 Minutes

Young Greg Heffley is looking forward to a long summer of just hanging out, but his mother throws a monkey wrench into his plans when she forces the entire family to take a road trip for a relative’s birthday celebration. His eyes soon light up after he realizes that the excursion is his ticket to a gaming convention to meet YouTube sensation Mac Digby. Greg’s imagination then kicks into overdrive as he sneakily hatches a scheme to attend the expo and gain some much-deserved fame.

Popcorn & refreshments served.

The movie will be shown in the Children’s Room.
Seating is limited to the first 12 children.
Parents are responsible to judge the suitability of this movie for their child.

The official Diary of a Wimpy Kid Website 🙂

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