eBooks – How to set up your account so you can download digital books

How to borrow an eBook from the library:

Want to check out a book and read it on your phone, tablet, computer, Kindle, Nook, or other device? The Gila County Library has made that possible.

Fun fact: NO LATE FEES! When the eBook is due in 2 weeks, it will disappear from your device.

Getting Started with eReaders via Gila County Library and the Overdrive System:

Follow the steps and you’ll be reading in about 10 minutes.

Windows or Mac Computers: You can borrow eBooks from your library and transfer them to compatible eReaders using free Adobe® Digital Editions (ADE) software on your Windows® or Mac® computer.

Step 1) Connect your eReader to your computer.

Step 2) Install free Adobe® Digital Editions (ADE) software. Get it HERE.

Step 3) On your computer, open OverDrive (here is the LINK. http://gcldaz.lib.overdrive.com ) and borrow an eBook. Borrowed books appear on your Bookshelf under your Account on your library’s OverDrive website.

Step 4) From your bookshelf, use the download drop-down menu to select the format for each eBook, then select Confirm and Download. If prompted, authorize your computer with a free Adobe ID (this is required for download protected eBooks.) If you do not have an Idobe ID you’ll see a link to create one.

Step 5) Downloaded books should open in ADE. To transfer an eBook to your eReader, make sure you are in ADE’s Library View (you may need to click theLibrary button in the upper left corner to get there).  From there, drag and drop the eBook onto your eReader which should appear on the left under Devices.

Once you have transferred a library eBook, you can read it on your device just like any other eBook.

Tablets, smartphones, Kindle®, Nook®, Kobo®, iOS®, or Chromebooks®: 

Step 1) Install the free OverDrive app from your app store or fromapp.overdrive.com.

Step 2) Open the OverDrive app and follow the prompts to sign in or sign up for a free OverDrive account: Choose Sign-up Using a Library Card under Find Your Library. Type Gila County in the search box and then hit Go.

Step 3) You can see all the titles available in the Collection. Tap or move your mouse over and available title, then select Borrow.

Step 4) Borrowed books appear on your Bookshelf under your Account on your library’s OverDrive website. From here you can: 

*Download/add EPUB eBooks and MP3 Audiobooks to the OverDrive app.

**Read most eBooks in your browser without downloading them.

***Listen to audiobooks in your browser without downloading them (on some devices).

****To send a downloaded eBook to your Kindle you’ll complete the checkout process via Amazon’s website.

Need more help? Visit:  help.overdrive.com or contact your local librarian.