Library Friends Membership


  • tenreasons2You are in the library all the time anyway…
  • because you LOVE to read…
  • and you practically grew up in a library!
  • The Pine Library is wonderful!
  • You can meet new people.
  • You get to volunteer beside like-minded people.
  • You like helping people.
  • It’s interesting to see what books people check out.
  • It’s a short drive to volunteer from any street in Pine or Strawberry.
  • Watching a child discover the pure pleasure of reading brings a big smile to your face.

Library Friends membership is open to anyone who has an interest in supporting the Pine Library.  It is not necessary to be a full time resident or property owner within Pine or Strawberry.  Annual membership dues for an Individual is $7.00 and Families are $10.00.  Life memberships are available for $100.00.    Membership is open throughout the year.  Membership information is available at the Library or from any Library Friends officer.

Click to download and print a PDF of the application: Pine-Library-Friends-Membership

It looks like this: